How I help my clients overcome anxiety and panic attacks

The Problem
Logically you know you’re safe. You know (and your friends and family have probably told you many times) it isn’t going to hurt you. Consciously…rationally…intellectually… you’re safe. You should feel fine. But you don’t. There’s a part of your mind that sends a very powerful signal of fear. Your heart races. Your stomach clenches. You’re terrified. This is a panic attack

The Solution
I work directly with the part of your mind that’s sending that fear signal. So you have the chance to bring help directly to that subconscious/emotional part of your mind — the part that doesn’t care about all those reasons why you should feel fine.

So you have the chance to genuinely SOLVE the problem where it’s happening rather than just talking about it or learning techniques to manage it.

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Success  Rates

This is an area I seemed to have specilised in. Not because I consciously chose to, but because anxiety seems to be one of the biggest emotional issues today.  The vast majority of clients I have worked with have fully resolved their issues and do not suffer from panic attacks anymore.  The client will see why they became anxious and will have a choice to allow their anxiety to be released.
It takes more work for some than others and many resolve other issues in the process, and often in just one session. The processes I use are consensual, a “do with” process, not a “do too” process.  I am your guide from the side.
It is a thought process that causes anxiety and by identifying those thoughts the client can release their anxiety.  When a client drops their anxiety the physical side effects also disappear and the client feels empowered.